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Dino Ferrera, Hons. B.Comm
Financial Security Advisor & Investment Representative
Vancea Financial Group and Quadrus Investment Services


Vancea Financial Group Offices

Guelph Location

319 Speedvale Avenue East (Lower Level), Guelph, ON N1E 1N4

Phone: 519-265-8800

Fax: 519-265-8801


Stratford Location

216 Huron Street, Stratford, ON N5A 5S8

Toll Free: 1-866-282-6232

Phone: 519-275-3333

Fax: 519-275-2044

Kitchener Location

301-1601 River Road, Kitchener, ON N2A 3Y4

Toll Free: 1-877-257-6702

Phone: 519-578-3875

Fax: 519-578-2876

Woodstock Location

48 Perry Street, Woodstock, ON N4S 3C3

Phone: 519-539-4534

Fax: 519-539-7936


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