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Client Testimonials

Luisa Lago (via LinkedIn)

I can always count on Dino for advice on the “hard stuff”: financial planning, insurance and investing. He always gives me workable options and confidence in my decisions, and makes the whole process easy to understand and simple to execute.


Neil R
I thought Dino did a great job. He explained everything in a clear, concise manner. Everything was easy to understand. He listened, got a feeling for what we needed, and helped come up with solutions that fit in with our current financial plan
Thanks, Dino!
Brent Hodgson
In 2009 I trained with Freedom 55 in Kitchener and I received certification in both Life Insurance and Securities sales. I have a Chemistry background and I’ve run an Art Gallery and Framing shop for 9 years.
After trying out the business I realized that my heart and head weren’t into thinking about my money full time. Along came Dino in a later class and I realized I was looking at a guy who was a Natural for taking care of the financial and insurance side of life. He had the background experience,an easy grasp of the concepts and an ability to explain it all in a logical, friendly fashion. He’s professional and thorough and I would recommend him to anyone, knowing he also has access to some of the best financial tools and insights available.
I’ve moved on from the business — but my confidence and financial affairs are with Dino Ferrera.
Brent and Suzette


Brenda Johnston-McKinney
Dino, these past several months have been full of crazy change for me. And you know how all things financial and technical make my eyes roll back in my head. Thanks for making everything so simple and easy to understand. I’m actually excited about financial things now!

Tina & Jeff
Dino takes the time to get to know his clients and helps to build a portfolio that they are comfortable with. He explains the products and their benefits and he is always ready to answer all of our questions. It is a pleasure to deal with Dino. Thanks for all your help!

Liz L
I had always been hesitant to venture into the world of investments, but after my initial meeting with Dino, I felt much more comfortable. He takes the time to explain products and assess a person’s risk comfort level. Not only does he simplify these areas in a way that’s easy to grasp, he works to establish a rapport with his clients that shows a genuine interest in them. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dino Ferrera as someone knowledgeable, trustworthy and personable.. It’s been a real pleasure dealing with him!

Bud & Debbie
Dino helped save us hundreds of dollars a year in life insurance. He was able to explain the pitfalls of the insurance coverage on our line of credit, then assisted us with an excellent term life insurance plan for both of us for the next decade.

Amanda & Matt
Dino helped us arrange life insurance policies, while explaining the different options and advantages along the way. We have been working with him for approximately one and a half years and since then are able to rest knowing our life insurance and investments are in the hands of someone who knows what’s best for us. The ease of doing business with Dino made discussing personal finances comfortable and we were able to put a plan in place for our short and long-term goals. It has been great working with Dino!

Paul Roberts
We have been thoroughly pleased with Dino’s work and his commitment to understanding our needs and the market in general. Dino always does what he says he is going to do, with prompt follow-up and communications. I would recommend Dino to anyone who is interested in having a financial manager work with them.

When it comes to different types of life insurance policies, Dino was incredibly knowledgeable with what fit my lifestyle the best. The advice and guidance was incredibly valuable and I would recommend Dino to anyone who is looking for an experienced, patient, low pressure advisor.

Dino was clear and concise and I never felt pressured at any time to purchase a policy or set up investments. He was also very accommodating for our work/life schedule, making discussing financial matters much easier and without too much distraction. He even had a clever way to keep the cat from sitting on his important papers and other information. The cat, convinced it was something needed, perched quite happily on a blank piece of paper on the floor.

Mike and Lorena
We have been dealing with Dino since he started in the investment business. He has helped us along our way in making decisions in our investments. Dino took the time to listen to our needs and explain the product and their benefits. We feel very comfortable with Dino and would highly recommend him.

Robyn & Dan
We will forever be grateful for Dino’s solid advice and hard work on our behalf. We had investments and insurance already, but Dino brought it to a whole new level for us. His prior knowledge of product as well as his willingness to dig deeper for a better fit for us was impressive. Now we actually welcome a visit from our financial advisor! Looking forward to the future, with Dino on our side.

Tom & Danielle
We have been impressed while working with Dino on our financial portfolio. We were clueless when it came to investing and life insurance. We had very specific ideas of what we wanted in our future, with little understanding of how to obtain it. Under Dino’s guidance, we have made financial steps toward our future savings goals. Dino was able to tailor a plan to match our expectations. His expertise has directed us to save and invest in our future without making unnecessary sacrifices to our current lifestyle.

J & J
Dino has been instrumental in helping us layout a solid financial/insurance plan for us. His knowledge and expertise have helped relieve some of the pressure that comes with having a young family. We always appreciate his professionalism and his no pressure approach. We look forward to continuing to work with him.

Susanne Rane (via LinkedIn)
“Dino’s been a great help with investments and insurance for our family. He’s always very professional, but so easy to work with. He knows when we need hand holding to make changes, but listens to our opinions every time we get together. Nothing but great things to say……”


Allen Kanerva (via LinkedIn)
“Thanks Dino for the comprehensive work you did in re-aligning our life insurance programs. I really appreciated your ability to work through challenges when they arose in a calm but determined manner. I highly recommend your services. Allen”

Daina Wallace (via LinkedIn)
“Dino is a consummate professional. He is not just willing, but happy to discuss financial concepts and my questions in detail. You can instantly tell that he is highly engaged in his business and loves helping people reach their financial goals. His passion for the financial services industry shows in every business interaction we have together. He invests his time, energy and his care into every email, every meeting and it shows.”


Maureen McCafferty (via LinkedIn)
“We have worked with Dino for a couple years now and are very pleased with him. He is very knowledgeable about the financial market, investing and insurance. He is very responsive, very quick to finalize items. We would highly recommend Dino!”

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