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What We Do

Understanding Your Needs:

Vancea Financial’s focus on helping you understand risk is what sets us apart from the competition. We go beyond simply discussing investment needs and product recommendations with you. Instead, we focus on helping you identify all the risks inherent in personal financial planning, and then provide products and services that help you understand and plan for those risks.

We delve beyond the surface to address all the risks you face, beyond the basic risk profile analysis. We ask the hard questions such as, what happens if you live longer than you expect, or die prematurely? How would your family cope if you fell ill and could no longer work? What would be the impact of not having the right tax-reduction strategy for your individual or business needs?

Vancea Financial’s advisors care about the well-being of all clients. We believe that by helping you understand all of the risks you face, we can work together to build a better portfolio for you. A portfolio that suits each and every client’s individual needs.

As your financial security advisor, you will have confidence in my abilities, confidence that I am focused on your family’s goals and confidence in the process I take my clients through to achieve their goals and dreams.


Individual Life Insurance:

  •   Participating
  •   Term
  •   Universal life


  •   Mutual Funds
  •   Segregated Funds
  •   Guaranteed Interest Options
  •   Guaranteed Interest Certificates
  •   Annuities

Living Benefits:

  •   Disability Insurance
  •   Critical Illness insurance
  •   Health and Dental Insurance

Business insurance:

  •   Key Person Insurance
  •   Business Continuation
  •   Buy/Sell Agreements


  •   Group Insurance
  •   Group Retirement Plans
  •   Mortgages
  •   Banking Solutions

To speak with me directly or to book an appointment, please email* or call.


The information on this website is intended for residents of Canada only.  The information on this website is intended for residents of Ontario only.
* The use of email is not a secure medium and personal information should be transmitted by more secure means.
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Insurance products, including segregated fund policies are offered through Stability Wealth Inc.,and Dino Ferrera offers mutual funds through Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.

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